Melt Candle Company is producing and selling handmade candles. The philosophy of our business is based on the integration of the latest technologies and traditional crafts. We have carried out all the steps of creating candles, starting with the creation of the concept and design, prototype development to serial production. The team of talented artists and designers create products that satisfy the most demanding and discerning customers. Candles are made in limited editions with an individual approach to each customer. We are pleased to present you a collection of candles, which consists of several series, designed for outdoor use, the interior decor, and floating candles.

Hand Poured

We don’t use any machinery. We only have a stove to warm up the wax, a mixer to add coloring and molds for our candles. Our qualified staff pours wax into shape by hand, just as it has been done for hundreds of years. We do not use machines to press wax into shape without first melting it.

Highest Quality

We use the best wax out there. Technically it is called “P-2” wax. It is the most clean and solid wax, that is often used in food industry and medicine. Also we import cotton wick and wax coloring directly from Germany, which is famous for its quality and precision. Our candles are solid color all the way through. We do not do dipped candles that are only colored on the outside and are always white on the inside.

Unique Designs

We look to the past and to the future for inspiration. Our candles can be used both in a modern studio and in the old farm house. We try to meet the demands of any taste and style by creating candles with unique shapes, sizes and colors. There are only a handful number of manufacturers that have similar shapes to Melt Candle Company. Our candles will catch an eye.

Melt Our Hearts

We love the atmosphere that is created by a candle. Small flickering light gives us a sense of peace and comfort. Our passion for wax and home decor brought us to create a line of candles that is extremely distinct and beautiful.

There is something natural and earthy about the rustic edges of our candles. There is never two of the same candles. Ever. Melt Candle Company uses melted wax, we do not compress candles into a certain shape, we give them warmth so that wax obeys the shape it is poured into. Some people may see “defects” in our candles, we call them “features”.

Candles deliver a certain message to the people around. They serve to transfer energy. Teleport everything that is hard to express, memories, feelings, thoughts and everything in between.

We want to help you find a candle that will fill your home with beauty and warmth.